A note to anyone considering making a reservation, you may consider booking via a Travel Agent which is absolutely fine, we would make a point of advising any potential booker that outside the larger Agents such as Kuoni, Expedia,,, Agoda, Priceline, LateRooms etc there are other online agencies who may buy through an agent who we do not deal with directly .

Please do take care when booking through some less well known sites  We do not sell rooms direct to some of these agencies  and there are some that are seen to be offering lower rates that we do not have and often rooms that are not available when all other agents are possibly showing we are fully booked  and despite our attempts to communicate with these agencies to solve such issues they refuse to co-operate with us or confirm to us how they get these rooms , which I know sounds odd but that sadly is an issue many hotels are having these days . We advise clients to take care with such operators as we cannot guarantee any booking and terms made via them will be valid , the best thing to do if you do book via one of these sites is to contact us to check we have received a booking for you.

We do not sell rooms we do not have so should one of these agents accept your booking then advise you a short time later that we (or any hotel) have refused it and offer you another hotel or refuse you a refund on a standard booking stating that was the hotels policy please be assured they probably never had it to sell in the first place and standard bookings if pre-paid to an agent are refundable , do contact us if you need any assistance with such an issue.